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Build a mighty army and lead your team to victory using the unique skills of your heroes and units. Make use of the Five Elements Synergies to boost your team's stats and outwit your enemies in single-player, skirmish and multiplayer PvP modes.

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Game Features

Team Up

Legend of Fantasy War is a 3D turn-based role-playing game where participants can choose characters and build teams to overcome challenges, complete missions and win worthy rewards. There are many character classes with different skills and personalities to choose from, along with a deep and fascinating story from the very first chapters.


Players will have 2 formations to prepare: Main Formation and Substitute Formation. Each formation can have a maximum of 5 Warriors. Your Main Formation will roam the 3D world of the Fantasy Land and fight against hordes of henchmen of the Dark Lord.

Each Character Card will have a set of Starting attributes and Moves List. Character Cards can equip new Equipment Cards and consume Consumable Items Cards on or off battle.

Play to Earn

There is a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing the main quests, countless side missions, and activities, players could earn incredible profit from the game.

LFW Tokens could be earned through NFT Marketplace where players can sell their NFT Assets directly or put them up for an auction.

NFT Marketplace

Where players can trade, buy, and lend necessary equipment. In addition, NFT characters can be easily traded between players.

Duan Yu
Ren Ying Ying
Yue Fei
Xiao Feng
Zhao Min
Enter Marketplace(Coming soon)

LFW Token

LFW token is the native currency of the game. It allows token holders to play, invest and also be part of the game.

$LFW token provides the fuel to run the entire Legend of Fantasy War game ecosystem. It incentivizes users to contribute and maintain the game platform in a transparent and democratic way.

Play to earn

There is a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests, side missions, players could earn LFW tokens. LFW token provides the economic incentives to encourage users to contribute and maintain the ecosystem of Legend of Fantasy War.

DeFi & NFT combination

A certain percentage of platform revenues will be reserved as rewards for LFW token holders when they stake. NFT items or NFT characters can be used to upgrade, trade, auction, or stake to earn LFW tokens.


$LFW is the game currency that players use to purchase assets, lucky spin characters, and exchange items in the NFT marketplace.

Community Governance

LFW Governance tokens represent voting power of LFW users. Holding LFW Governance tokens allows players to participate in deciding the development direction of the game through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), with decentralized proposals and voting structures.

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Q3 2021

Introduce LFW Seed+ private sale

LFW Public sale

Add decentralized finance (DeFi) component

Integrate blockchain and NFT features in game

Game Beta release

NFT Marketplace

Team & Advisors

Blockchain games are gradually proving their position in leading the entertainment game industry, where participants not only entertain but also invest in valuable in-game items. To accelerate that process, Legend of Fantasy War consists of a team of over 40 members worldwide with extensive experience in the gaming, blockchain and events industries that have been working hard and creative every day to deliver the best experiences to gamers, investors, and supporters.

Thomas Lang
Thomas Lang
CEO & Co-Founder
Ken Lee
Ken Lee
COO & Co-Founder
Kudo Liu
Kudo Liu
Justin Sung
Justin Sung

Business Advisor
Strategic Advisor
Vi Khoa
Vi Khoa
Strategic Advisor

Backers and Partners

Spark Digital Capital
MorningStar Ventures
BSC Station
Master Ventures
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